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RER GROUP was initially established in 1996 by the german company RWE AG.

RER Group has developed a very high and broad level of expertise and became one of the largest environmental companies in Romania. Our national market presence spans most counties, towns and cities, including the capital Bucharest. RER Group Management has the majority ownership and the control of operations in all the companies witch can be found in the section dedicated to them.



Below you can consult all our services to get to know us better. All 7 services encompass our everyday work and the way we come to your aid.

Our services are diversified, covering a wide range of sanitation, domestic sanitation, street sanitation, selective waste collection, green space planning and maintenance, vacuuming, snow removal and sanitation.

RER Group

RER Group Romania

Only together can we make the city you live in, cleaner. Find out the RER GROUP objectives!

The services that the RER group of companies take on are part of the sanitation field, as follows: street sanitation, domestic sanitation, pest control, disinsection, disinfection (DDD), street marking, snow removal. We also conduct management, marketing and IT activities that lead to the visible development of all companies.

Our group of companies has been continuously developing. The permanent investments made for the development of the sanitation service and, implicitly, for the improvement of its quality, have led to the achievement of results that are in line with the constantly changing legal provisions. Achieving the goals was possible through very important investments.

Particular attention was paid to the CSR component, as evidence that we initiated a series of campaigns to raise awareness and empower people with an emphasis on ecological education projects carried out in schools.

The main objectives of RER GROUP are: continuous improvement of the offered services, fast and efficient adaptation to the Romanian market requirements, maximizing the profit simultaneously with the efficiency of the performed activity, increasing the quality of services rendered by all partner companies RER GROUP.