RER participates in the AMR meeting with the Ministry of Environment

On September 5, 2023, Mr. Radu Merica, CEO of RER Ecologic Group, participated in a working meeting of the mayors of municipalities in Romania hosted by the Association of Romanian Municipalities.

With this occasion, he presented:

  1. A case study on the evolution of municipal waste categories over the past 3 years, with the waste flow for each category specifically for the Municipality of Buzău.
  2. The need for standardization of waste collection containers for the general public, to have a uniform color code, presented in the same order, regardless of the locality, name: three fractions for recyclable waste: glass – green, plastic and metal – yellow, paper and cardboard – blue, one fraction for biodegradable waste – brown, and one for residual household waste – black.
  3. The systems used by each municipality where companies from RER Ecologic Group operate: Alba Iulia, Arad, Brăila, Buzău, Oradea, and Timișoara.

The presentation can be accessed here!

We are pleased to see that improving waste management in the country is also a priority for the Ministry of Environment, Waters, and Forests.

We’d like to remind everyone of RER’s openness to contribute together to increasing the degree of separate collections in Romania. The results shows that only through functional partnerships between sanitation operators and local authorities, partnerships built through periodic field actions, mixed verification teams, monitoring, the issuance of warnings and fines for improper content, as well as the implementation of integrated video monitoring systems at collection points, can we have separately and correctly collected recyclable waste, ensuring compliant raw materials for recyclers in Romania with a low degree of contamination.

At the meeting, alongside the Ministry of Environment, Waters, and Forests with Mr. Mircea Fechet, Minister of Environment, Waters, and Forests, Mr. Emil Boc, President of the Association of Romanian Municipalities, Constantin Toma – Executive President of AMR, and the Mayor of Buzău Municipality, other mayors, as well as representatives of economic operators and from the Ministry of Environment, Waters, and Forests were also present.

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