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Welcome to our homepage! We are RER Braila, your partner in cleaning.


About us

We are just one company - RER. We have branches in most of the major cities in Romania, just to be with you and to become partners in cleaning!

A partnership for cleanliness does not mean “you make the dirt, and clean it,” but much more than that. It means that you choose to live civilized, and we help you do that. Cleanliness is part of our lives, of everyone. It’s important how you do it, how quickly, how well and how clean. And here we are. The first sanitation company on the free market in Braila. A company that counts performance and quality, like a German car. We’re a clean machine.

We do not hide the garbage under the price, nor do we put it in the garden of another, but we collect, store, transform, recycle, responsible. In 2014, we celebrate 20 years since we came into existence. For some it means a little, for others a lot. For us it means life. A born of tradition and experience, of authentic Romanian values, to which new virtues have been added: discipline, responsibility, performance; typical German virtues inspired by our German partner.

Perhaps not in the terms used today, but with almost the same meaning, an appeal was made to the inhabitants of Braila  since 1832, in terms of cleaning of dwellings, streets, green spaces. Since 1860 there have been documents whereby “… the municipality, taking into account the need for the paved streets to be in everything dusted with mud and other unclean, which produces both pavement and public health …” involves the sanitation of the city.

Over time, both environmental concern and the endowment with the means and machines specific to this activity have seen a continuous increase imposed by the needs and exigencies of human development. Since 1994 the sanitation activity in Romania begins with RER-REWE Entsorgung Romania SRL, the main shareholder being the German concern RWE AG.

In 2000, the entire domestic and street sanitation business was taken over and developed by Remmert Recycling Romania GmbH, a company in early 2005 and changed its name to RER Ecological Recovery and Recycling.

RER has the structure of a holding company, being the main shareholder of its operating companies present in Bucharest, Braila, Buzau, Galati, Oradea, Timisoara, Tulcea. We have always sought new solutions and technologies for waste collection and processing; I always took care of the people in the areas we covered in a responsible way


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